Controversy over Frank Ocean album Channel Orange

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking at this album cover, I thought it was simple and un-controversial; however I was sadly mistaken. Channel Orange is singer/song-writer/producer and member of the notorious OFWGKTA Frank Ocean's debut album.Frank Ocean has written for some of the chart topping artists: Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Jay Z and Kanye; just to name a few. Upon its release on July 10 of this year, Channel Orange has received many good reviews, but has also being under the controversial spotlight.

Last week, Frank Ocean braved the criticism and admitted to being bi-sexual (in so many words) but all the same. Some may say that the decision to "come out" just days before his album dropped was destructive and careless; however, his life is his prerogative. When you look at his resume and the list of singles he's had and people he's written for, his sexual preference should not get in the way of his work. In any case, there are people and companies who disagree with his sexual preference and in turn refuse to sell his new album. ABCNews reporter Kevin Dolak says, "Target's actions again have raised questions about the company's position on gay rights now that it has decided not to sell the highly- anticipated new record by R&B singer Frank Ocean."  Aside from not selling Frank Ocean's album, Target also donates to non-equal rights organizations.

Frank Ocean's album speaks for itself from beginning to end. It tells stories, and is by far one of the best albums of 2012 so far. I was pleasantly surprised by the album and enjoyed every single last bit of it from song one entitled "Start" to the very last song rightfully entitled "End." I personally don't believe that Target should have banned the sell of this album, because in the end it will only hurt their sales. So keep your head up Frank, and know that your work speaks for itself. Don't worry about this avenue because there will be bigger and better things for you if this album is any indication of what you're bringing to the music world.


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