Don't Let the Style Sands Pass through the Hourglass

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shape 2: The Hourglass Figure also known as the double triangle, is a shape that's also very common in women. The best way to tell if you have an hourglass figure is to note if your bust is large and curvy, your waist is smaller than your bust and hips combined, and your hips are full.

Betty Brosmer; Famous for her hourglass figure.
Betty Brosmer's hourglass is more pronounced than most women's, but there you can see a rough translation of what an hourglass figure looks like.

Because women with hourglass figures are busty and have wider hips, it's best to accentuate those dominant features. However, it is not always easy accentuating those features and catering to the tiny waist as well; but rest assured, I will give you some tips that will help!

TIP 1:  Choose tight fitting shirts!

       Tight fitting shirts will accentuate your bust MODESTLY of course, but accentuate none the less. For example, this is a casual outfit that you can put together for an hourglass figure.

Casual Burn-Out V-neck                                                                                         Dark Wash Skinnies


                and of course....

     A HOT SHOE!  Preferably something bright and colorful, so that your shoe becomes your statement piece, as you're wearing white. This look works with any color shirt, shoe, or wash of jean; however this is just my personal preference for my every day style :)

TIP 2: When going formal, always match the shape of the dress to your shape. For instance, with an hourglass shape, you would want to find a dress that has somewhat of an hourglass shape as well, this way it will easily mold to your curves and the shape of your body.

These dresses are more modest and for the older women, but with the right accessories and eye for style anyone can pull these off.

Here's a little nostalgia for my younger girls!

and always add a little edge and put a modern touch on your vintage. I'll add a subtle but statement piece ring.

So, there you have it! Casual and formal looks to fit any hourglass figure.

Ring -
Dress -
Shoes -
Shirt -
Jeans- Levi's


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